September 16, 2019, 20:18pm

Global Mission Partners

Being a Spirit-led community we have a Global vision (Acts 1:8). To fulfill this universal vision we aim to render service of various kinds to communities beyond our nation.


Therefore we network with like-minded organizations around the world to serve our fellow human beings.

1.Fellowship Ashram Church of India

FACI is an interdenominational mission & charity movement evolved by the God Given Vision of Rev.Saji Mathew to focus on north India through spiritual & social aspects of the Christian mission. FACI has been a light bearer among the tribals of Gujarat ,Maharashtra & Union Territories like Dadra NagarHaweli and Diu-Daman. For more details visit

2.Deepti Centre, India

It is caring centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy. Deepti Centre-Caring and Addressing the Needs of Differently-abled Lives through Education Deepti Centre is a rehabilitaion centre, physiotherapy centre and a special school for those children who are affected with Cerebral Palsy, giving care and support to both the parents and the children. Cerebral Palsy is a type of neurological disorder which affects muscle co-ordination and body movements. The majority of children who are affected with Cerebral Palsy are born with it but it may not be known. For more details visit

3.Filadelfia Bible College

Filadelfia Bible College is one of the leading Pentecostal Bible Colleges in north India with a vision to be a light ot the nations. It is the Principal training institution of Native Missionary Movement (NMM), which is a Christian Missionary organization began 50 years ago. This organization currently is in God’s ministry With more than 1400 local churches, 1200 missionaries, 24 children’s homes, the Bible College, 5 missionary training centers, 6 primary schools with on through high school, printing/publishing ministry, mobile film ministry teams, several community development projects such as free medical camps, literacy programs and vocational training. It is planned to expand with a new widow’s ministry and for a permanent medical facility. For more details visit

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