September 16, 2019, 20:25pm

Children Ministry


Assisting a child to be transformed into a Christ-like disciple to transform others
• Our Children’s Ministry is a discipleship and spiritual formation opportunity for the children in our church and beyond. Our ministry among the children revolves around the sincere ideology that do not deny the Children’s right to come to the Lord and Know Him Intimately (Mt 19:13-15) Objectives: Provide Opportunities for Children:
• To Create a passion for True Spirituality
• To Cultivate a life style of intimate walk with God
• To become a growing, but worshipping, witnessing and serving generation
• To Develop a mentoring culture (role models in every walk of life)
• To Create a zeal to be transformed like-Christ
• To become strong witnesses of Christ
• To help them to relate their spirituality to their public life

Activities Include:

• Prayer, worship, scripture reading, bible studies, dramas, skits, games, talents test, Kids Days and VBS

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